About Us

About Us

Our primary mission is to help international students for admission to the top educational institutions in China. Since 2014, we have been sending students to study in China. We have expanded our field of activity and created companies such as Chinaland, Yourchina, Chinastudy. Their branches are located in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia (Kazan).

Study in China

Our team consists of 2 departments, in charge of working with clients and working with universities respectively. You can learn more about our team by following this link.

Our vision

Having learned from personal experience all the advantages of studying in China and having received invaluable experience, we decided to share our knowledge with the new generation. Help them to achieve their potential in this new world. Thereby we seek to establish and strengthen relations between China and the whole world.

By enabling students from all over the world to study in China, we provide a sound basis for their future career and life. By opening the borders to uncharted Asia, we provide access to the latest technology and fresh perspective in an ever-changing world.

There are many pitfalls on the road to success in China. We will explain to you how to escape than and achieve the cherished goal. Our goal is to introduce to the world that investing in education is the best investment in a bright future. And we will help you invest your time and resources correctly. We are also open to new cooperation that also shares our vision.

Our Clients

Our first clients were from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Annually we improve our partnerships with Chinese universities. Since 2018, we have started enrolling students from African (Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania) and South American (Venezuela, Brazil) continents. Every year we enrol over a thousand students in a Chinese university. Most of them are credited to the scholarship. Additional information about scholarships to study in China you can find here.

The table indicates CIS countries with which we work. Also, provides statistical information on students we enrol in China every year.

Country Number of enrolled students per year
Kazakhstan 100-120 students/year
Russia 90-110 students/year
Kyrgyzstan 85-100 students/year
Uzbekistan 90-100 students/year
Belarus 70-90 students/year
Tajikistan 70-90 students/year
Turkmenistan 60-70 students/year
Moldova 40-60 students/year
Armenia 20-30 students/year
Azerbaijan 10-20 students/year


What opportunities Chinese universities present?

Chinese universities have high educational standards, the best laboratory equipment, a large assortment of books and data in libraries. Also, great value at universities is teaching staff, which encourages any efforts of international students.

Realizing how many prospects education in China opens up, our team in hurry up to help everyone who wants to study in China.

Why you should apply to StudyinChinas?

We guarantee the admission of our clients to study in China. It is the main reason why students choose us. Our scholarship application procedure has its own peculiarity. After a few simple steps, you will be enrolled at university. You need to leave a request on our website, further consultant picks up the program and the university for you, and helps in collecting documents. According to the criteria, the system applies to all types of scholarships available to the student. Thereby ensuring the student’s admission to the quotas to study in Chinese universities.

Types of scholarships for applying:

  1. Chinese Governmnet Scholarship
  2. Chinese Provincial Scholarship
  3. Beijing Government Scholarship
  4. Shanghai Government Scholarship
  5. One Belt – One Road, Jasmine and other

Reasons why you should choose us to study in China

  • We provide services that take into account the personal preferences of each client.
  • Our team will help you to choose the most favourable program and university, also offering you many alternatives.
  • We provide the most up-to-date information about admission to Chinese universities, which will reveal all the details of the application procedure.
  • Please contact us at any time, we are always in touch and ready to advise you and answer your questions. You can contact us at any time through the website, WhatsApp, Email or Facebook.
  • Speed ​​and reliability are our forte, by contacting our services you will facilitate the process of applying for admission to an educational institution in China, thereby saving your time.
  • We enrol you in the best universities in China. For many years, we have been working in partnership with the best universities in Beijing, Shanghai. 35 of these universities are included in the TOP-200 of the QS world ranking.
  • We support students until their full admission, and we also organize adaptation activities for students both inside the university campus and in the city.
  • Students who approach us are always satisfied with our services. You can read student reviews on our website.
  • Our main goal is to help you achieve success and fulfil your dreams of getting a quality education.