Consultation Department:

Contacts: WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Imo : +7700 316 10 20, +7700 314 10 20


If you want to know more about consultation department, please, follow that link.

Partner Relations Department:

Contacts: WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Imo : +77020000224 (Nursultan)


Bank details

For financial transactions, we use international companies located in Kazakhstan. So students from all over the world freely pay for the services of our team.

Why don’t we pay to the “Chinese” company?

Because taxation in Kazakhstan has a lower cost for financial interactions.

  • Fast and cheap transfer of payments to China. Kazakhstan and China have the lowest trade taxes of any CIS country.
  •  The cost of our services is the most profitable on the market. The cost of maintaining a team is most advantageous in Kazakhstan. Payroll taxes are low.

LLP “SABKZ”  –  “Educational Company – Study in China”
BIN: 161240001574
BC: 17
IBAN:  RUB KZ57914002203RU004EW
SB “Sberbank” JSC
SWIFT:  SABRKZKA, BIN-bank: 930740000137

LLP«Study & Work Corporation».
BIN: 161240000040
IBAN: USD KZ056017131000046163
BIC: HSBKKZKX в АО «Halyk Bank»