International Foundation program of China Campus Network

International Foundation program – pre-university foundation course that guarantees the direct admission to the TOP Chinese universities on scholarship without any entrance exams.

Pre-University preparation program for graduates of schools and for admission to the undergraduate courses in the universities of China.

  • Key features of the International Foundation Program (IFP)
  • All training courses located in China Universities
  • Learning Chinese from zero and programs for obtaining HSK level 4-5
  • The awarding of scholarships after the IFP from the leading universities of China
  • Preparation for studying  majors in Chinese language
  • Direct admission to universities of China Campus Network according to the results of International Foundation Program
  • Developed and adopted by the leading teachers of universities of China
  • After passing IFP program you can apply to E-commerce Alibaba program

The IFP program CCN consist of

Program structure:

  • The program is divided according to areas of majors, depending on the desired specialty, as well as courses for applicants with different levels of Chinese.
  • IFP types:  Humanities, science and engineering, business.
  • Routes: A (level 0-2), B (HSK2-3), C (HSK4-5)

Learning the Chinese language

  • HSK 4-5 (1200-2500 words)
  • Household level + academic + subject-specific language
  • Terminology in the selected direction
  • The Program of cultural adaptation.

Subject training:

  • Subject terminology for successful understanding of lecturers and materials at the University
  • Basic subjects – to improve academic performance in school core subjects
  • The main major subjects will help to prepare for studying at the University in the specialty
  • IFP study course is customized for the selected stream.

Career services: 

  • Aimed to help CCN alumni with employment
  • This opportunity is available to all students who have passed IFP CCN
  • Organizing workshops for communication with employers and internships
  • CCN universities cooperate with Aliexpress, Huawei, ZTE, commercial and Industrial Bank of China and many others
  • Online platform for employment assistance.

Other services:

  • Consultations at the stage of choosing a program
  • Individual schedule for chosen stream, program, IFP center and universities. Prepared before admission to University during the IFP course.

Support and maintenance:

  • Organization of collection and submission of documents, hostel booking, meetings
  • In the CCN universities there are offices for foreign students or supervisors
  • Shanghai office is always ready to support CCN students in China

Join IFP with any level of Chinese

If you already have Chinese language level, you can take one of the shortened courses.

Route A

For beginners in Chinese. No knowledge of Chinese, learning from scratch, and at level 0-2 is required.
36 weeks / 1080 hours / September-July
Cost ~5,000 USD

Route B

A certificate or equivalent of HSK 3 is required for business, Science and engineering.
HSK 2-for the Humanities.
18 weeks / 540 hours / April-August
Cost ~ 3,500 USD

Route C

Certificate or equivalent required
HSK 4.
11 weeks / 330 hours / May-August
The price is ~ 2800 USD

Streams and specialties

Select the direction of the IFP for the preparation and enrollment of the desired major:

  • Business
  • Science and engineering
  • Humanities


  • Language and cultural orientation
  • GC: Common Chinese
  • CSP: Special Chinese
  • Chinese culture
  • The main items:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese

Expert knowledge:

  • Economy
  • Business
  • Advanced mathematics and computer science
  • Linguistics


  • Accounting & Finance
  • Financial management
  • Financial engineering
  • Tourism management
  • Mechatronic engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Architecture
  • Chinese history

The differences of the IFP from common one-year Chinese language course

The IFP program was created to correct the shortcomings of the common Chinese language year courses that made difficult for international students to study successfully.

International Foundation Program (IFP) Common 1 year Chinese language program in Univerisity

Number of hours of preparation

1 080 hours
the number of hours increased for confident language learning

650-850 hours
trouble understanding when teaching on the undergraduate


up to 2500 words

1 200 words




According to major



everyday spoken language is different from learning the language

Subject training Special terminology
The main subjects
The major subjects


Admission to UNIVERSITY after IFP

The admissions process begins in the course of the IFP and comes with the support of CCN counselors. It is divided into several stages so that students have the opportunity to make a conscious right choice.



  • The first scores of IFP of 1st semester
  • Reference book for admission to universities
  • Advising IFP students about admission



  • Preliminary applications to 3 universities
  • Invitations from universities with the conditions under which a student can be enrolled in the University on the basis of IFP (March-May)
  • Final exams IFP: applications to universities on the results of exams (June-July)



  • The official invitation from higher education institutions with the final conditions, including the distribution of grants
  • Every choice студентом1 University (August)
  • Start of studies at the selected University (September)

CCN Scholarship after IFP

Scholarship to universities of the consortium can be obtained after the results of academic performance in IFP course.

Scholarships are provided from the first year of bachelor’s degree, no scholarships for are provided.

Types of scholarships:

A0 – free tuition plus free accommodation or scholarship.

A1 – free education in 1st category universities.

A2 — free education in universities except for 1st category.

A3 – 50% discount on tuition fee.

A4 – tuition fee discount up to 50%.

Which IFP center to choose?

You can study IFP in one of the 7 IFP China Campus Network centers. All centers are taught under a single program and selected by the consortium according to their experience and competence in teaching foreign students:

  • North-West Polytechnic University
  • Tianjin University
  • Harbin Institute of technology
  • Jiangsu University
  • XI’an petrochemical University
  • Heilongjiang University
  • Shanghai IFP CCN flagship center

Teachers of the International Foundation Program

IFP CCN teachers are native speakers and leading foreign Chinese language teachers.

Daniel Dong

Specialization:  Business Chinese Adaptive learning development of combined learning.

Experience: supervisor, program development, China Campus Network (2017-present. VR.) Co-founder and scientific Director, the linguistic center “Your mandarin”.

Education: Shanghai international University bachelor, Teaching Chinese as a second foreign language.

Emma Gao

Specialization: High level of professional knowledge and skills. He has a lot of knowledge in the field of intercultural communication.

Experience: supervisor, teaching and learning, China Campus Network (2016 – Present) Lecturer of Chinese language, “Mandarin Master” (2015 – 2016) Chinese Language Teacher and administrator of an educational process, Mandarin House (2014 – 2016).

Education: Heilongjiang University Master, Teaching Chinese as a second foreign language. East University of Heilongjiang bachelor, Teaching Chinese as a second language.

Requirements for student to study at the IFP program

General requirements:

  • Certificate of completion of High school / College Diploma
  • Local national exam results in compulsory subjects (Mathematics and your local language)
  • High level of knowledge, skills, motivation and self-organization (motivation letter from a student)
  • Age – at least 16 years old to the beginning of the first school year (September 1).