Part-time job in China: top secret 

As is well know, have a part-time job being a student is illegal in China. However, in the Celestial Empire, there are a lot of opportunities to earn extra money for foreigners, it’s a sin not to use. Moreover, when you really want to be independent! So, here are some non-dusty activities that you can handle:

Part-time job in China

Foreign language teacher

Do you know English, German, French or any other language? Great! The Chinese do not care whether you know Chinese or not, if you don’t know it, it’s even better. Chinese kids will learn an authentic language. 1.000$ or even more per month in your pocket.

Part-time job in China


Do you like to be at the centre of attention? You can work as a model! Chinese appreciate the European appearance! And if you are also fair, then employers will fight for you. The Chinese can easily fit come to European and give them a business card – you just need to call and the job is yours. Easy money. And no matter what configuration and appearance you have, there is a job for you in China. Average pay – 150$ per shoot. However, you shouldn’t rely too much on this work: maybe 15 invitations per month, or maybe just one.

Part-time job in China

Filming in cinema

Foreigners are usually hired as extras. Most popular role – foreign colonizer. You will play medieval colonizers, American invaders, and of course, modern military men. On the set, you will have to run after Chinese women with weapons, swing a skewer and do a lot of other funny things. The average payment is $ 150 for 6 hours of shooting.

Part-time job in China


Do you play or sing well, do you have your own rock band? Creativity is highly valued in China. You can play covers or your own music in bars. The average salary is $ 1,500 per month. And some producer may notice you, and then a good payment is definitely guaranteed to you.

Musician in China


Do you paint or produce other art? The Chinese adore modern art. You should present this qualitatively. If you have an initial capital, open your own gallery. The main thing is to tell the Chinese why it’s cool, and then you can sell your work profitably for yourself.

Creativity in China

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