Scholarships to study in China

Scholarships to study in China

Starting from 2014 Chinese Government actively offers many scholarships to study in China for international students. Annually we help hundreds of students with enrollment at universities.

Grants are provided for next programs:

Programs which are not supported by any quotas: short-term courses, student exchange programs, academic mobility programs, summer camps.

Studying in China
Student from Harbin Institute of Technology — Chinese language program

General requirements for studying in China

  • Good academic performance;
  • No criminal record;
  • List of scholarships application documents.

Different types of quotas are available to most countries in the world. There are countries whose students receive many denials of admission. This is due to the political peculiarities of the country.

At the time of 2020  countries with the leading number of students studying in China:

Country Students Country Students

South Korea

50600 Thailand 28608
Pakistan 28023 India 23198
USA 20996 Russia 19239
Indonesia 15050 Laos 14645
Japan 14230 Kazakhstan 11784
Uzbekistan 6500 France 10695

Chinese University scholarships

Scholarships from universities in China are the most common. This type of financial aid is the easiest and most convenient to acquire. Every university in China that has a permit to study international students owns a certain number of quotas. University scholarships to study in China are of the following types:

  • A type covers accommodation, tuition fees and monthly paid stipend
  • B type covers only tuition fees
  • C type covers partly tuition or accommodation fees

Usually 4-5 people apply for one grant place.

Studying in China

Chinese Government Scholarship

Government Scholarship – China Scholarship Council – governmental program that allows anyone from all over the world to receive quotas from the Chinese Government. These scholarships can be applied through the platform, or in subsequent years of study at the university.

The deadline for applying for this type of scholarships is until March of each year. Answers about receiving or not receiving confirmation of admission to the grant come in August. We also recommend taking into account that this method of obtaining a grant has a large competition: 450 people apply for one grant place.

Provincial Scholarships

There are 22 provinces in China, where each province has its own budget for the development of education. From here, educational grants in China for foreigners from various provinces are funded. For example, a very common grant is a grant from Jiangsu Province, a province of the Shanghai. Provincial grants are not much different from university grants. You can also apply for provincial grants through our website

Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Grants, or rather Confucius Institute Scholarships. In various countries, there are Confucius Institutes of Sinology, and these institutes issue scholarships. A complete list of Confucius Institutes can be found on this site. It is better for you to clarify all the details of participation in obtaining this grant in your regional office of Confucius.

Scholarships by Chinese Companies

Companies like Alibaba, Huawei, Lenovo, SinoTech and others Chinese oil companies have the opportunity to sponsor apprentices or employees to study in China. This type of grants is not common.

Studying in China

Why does China provide scholarships for international students?

Chinese government is preparing a future platform for implementing foreign economic programs and improving reputation around the world. As a result, all international students educated in China have the opportunity to work for foreign companies in China.

There are two foreign economic programs in China – One Belt One Road and Maritime Silk Road – they help to get a good education in China on a scholarship.

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Duration of studying

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Studying after High School 4 years
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Studying in China