Beijing – international metropolis. In that article, we shall state more information about Beijing universities and scholarships. You can apply for that quotas.

This article will be useful to students who want to study in China and choosing a city.

Study in Beijing

Beijing is one of the safest cities in China. But in terms of weather conditions strongly inferior to Shanghai, Guanzhou, Hanzhou. Ranks 2nd after Shanghai in terms of the number of foreign students. The educational purpose of universities is the highest. Most of the ranked universities in China are located here.

Study in Beijing is cheap

It is extremely affordable, and Beijing government provides many scholarships. In contrast to most European countries or USA, studying in China is cheaper.  Studying, traveling, living in Beijing is less expensive than in Shanghai or Guangzhou. You would be surprised how cheap it is to eat in local restaurants, about 7-10$ per day.

Study in Beijing
Trip of Peking University students

Beijing – temple of Chinese culture

Chinese culture is so vast, varied and fascinating. While living in Beijing, you will know, how contemporary Chinese live. Visit different Buddhist temples all over the city. Discover the cuisine, household, manners and norms of the daily life of Chinese citizens. Open your mind to the east culture of Asia.

Study in Beijing

Megapolis of career opportunities

Life in the big city has many advantages, one of them is a wide range of career opportunities. If you want to get an internship, Beijing – place, where you can find a lot of businessmen. They are looking for an international specialist, who provides a different point of view. Many international companies hire foreigners.

Study in Beijing

The international capital city of students

You will become a part of the international community. In universities’ campus students from 5 continents. Cultural festivals are incredible! The campus is covered in colors of different cultures from all over the world. Beijing is home to one of the largest international expat communities. It gives the opportunity to become a part of the Chinese culture and group of international students. In the Chinese campus, you can find not only Chinese students but also from many different countries.

Studying in Beijing

Nightlife in Beijing

Beijing is awake! For parents who are reading this paragraph may seem inappropriate. However, study and rest must be combined. Many clubs, bars and thematic places are located in Beijing. There you can relax with your classmates. Students, who studied in Beijing always fondly remember this atmosphere and good memories. The nightclubs are always filled with foreigners and Chinese students, so you are sure to meet new people. Also, in the bars, there is usually live music and a friendly atmosphere. If you are looking for a place to relax, go to local bars. Student life in Beijing is very busy!

Life in Beijing

Best Universities in Beijing

Beijing unites many famous universities, institutes and academies, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beihang University. The campuses are mainly located in Haidian and Xicheng counties. Haidian is the most famous university city. Here located well-known universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. And besides, there are university cities in Changping, Chaoyang and Liangxiang. We understand how difficult it is for a student to choose a university.  All universities have a wide range of specialties. Please, feel free to contact our consultants, they will help you, or leave your questions in the comments below.

Peking University

Peking UniversityPeking University ranks 2nd place. Located near Old Palace and the Summer Palace. Began work as an Imperial university in 1889. The total area of the university 2.743.532  sq.m.

The institution has the status of an organ in scientific and social activities. Moreover, it often undergoes various analyzes and new discoveries are made.Peking University

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua UniversityTsinghua University occupies the first line among the best universities in China. It was founded in 1911. It is considered the leading educational institution of the People’s Republic of China, which is considered the first. The educational institution is in the elite league C9.

The university is on the 49th place among the strongest universities in the world. The level of teaching in the institution is included in the top 100-world ranking. In addition, according to interviews with employers, graduates are highly valued worldwide and are preferred by many companies.

The institution is large, where more than 34,000 students study. According to statistics, every ninth student is a foreigner. For the benefit of university students 5000 highly qualified teachers work, some of whom came from abroad. The school year is divided into two parts.

Renmin University of China

The Renmin University of China of higher education began its activity in the late 1930s, but it received its present time only in the half of the twentieth century, namely in the 1950s. Higher School is included in the list of key universities in the country, and the main focus is on training in the humanities and social sciences. The University is a comprehensive research-oriented integrated educational institution. Interesting fact, during the creation of the Higher Educational Institution, it was considered the only university in the country.

Renmin University of China

Beijing Normal University – BNU

Beijing Pedagogical University is a state university, considered one of the oldest institutions of the PRC. The university was founded in 1902. In the national rating, it holds the 19th position, and in the world rank, it is 357th.

The University is included in two well-known programs: “Project 211” and “Project 985”. In 2002, for the centenary of the university, an asteroid was named in honor of the educational institution, which was opened in 1996 with the “8050 Beishida”.

Beijing Normal University

Beijing Pedagogical University is a large institution, where about 22,000 students study (8% foreigners). In the teaching staff, there are about 2,000 specialists, both from China and from other countries of the world.

Beihang University

Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics is one of the best technical universities in Great China. The state educational institution is in the top 20 of the strongest universities of Great China, holding the 16th place. The campus is located near Beijing on 100 hectares of land.

At the university, 27,000 students receive an education (2% from abroad), which makes the university a major one. The teaching staff represents 2,000 teachers, some of whom are foreign specialists.

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Depending on the stats of the results of examines who applied to local colleges and took the entry exams, Beijing Foreign Studies University stands at the 18th number among almost 3000 educational institutions in the Republic of China. Most importantly, it is a world well-known university for students coming from abroad to learn foreign languages.

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Another feature of it is undoubtedly the syllabus of diplomacy, associated with Chinese ministerial affairs. It teaches in detail to make the learners become proficient in foreign languages and cultivated more than 1100 advisors and 350 ambassadors. That’s where the definition, “Mother of diplomats”, came from.  As stated above, the Chinese educational Ministry runs this university.  In addition, it works under the “985 National plan” and “Plan 211”, etc.

The Beijing Language and Culture University

The Beijing Language and Culture University’s unofficial name is Beiyu ( or Běiyǔ). Is a leading institution in China that is practicing in instructing Chinese to foreign students.

Beijing Language and Culture University

For 48 years, subsequent to its formation, the University has produced more than 100000 foreigner graduates from 177 areas of the world with the wisdom of Chinese language and culture.
Beijing Language and Culture University publicizes periodicals, manuals and teaching AIDS.

If you are interested to study in Beijing universities, please, feel free to contact our consultants or leave your questions in the comments below. Our team will do their best to help you.

The difference between studying on a scholarship and on a paid basis

Since 2014, the popularity of scholarships in China has been growing. But you need to understand that everywhere there are pros and cons. Always consider your budget before choosing a place to study. We always recommend enrolling in higher-ranking universities. As a rule, the top-ranked universities practically don’t provide full quotas for international students. This is the main difference between studying on a scholarship or on a paid basis. For details contact the consultants.